Tyres must last longer

For many years, the tyre industry has been searching for a new compromise between comfort, safety and rolling resistance. The reason: Europe wants to see significantly less particulate matter in the environment caused by tyre and road wear. Tyre manufacturers such as Continental, Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone work together with their raw material suppliers on […]

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EV market is growing steadily; E-tyres are becoming increasingly important

German EV production record: Every fifth car produced in Germany is an EV! With Germany being the powerhouse of the European motor industry, manufacturing every third car in the region, or twice the volume of the next largest market, Spain, latest VDA data and Schmidt Automotive research can reveal that for the first time one-fifth […]

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Anuncios importantes sobre el etiquetado europeo de neumáticos.

A partir del 1 de mayo de 2021, la etiqueta europea de los neumáticos cambiará drásticamente sobre la base de una nueva regulación europea, de carácter más estricto: el Reglamento (UE) 2020/740. Nos gustaría informarle de la mejor manera posible sobre estos próximos cambios, que entrarán en vigor a partir del 1 de mayo de […]

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O Sentury Landsail Qirin 990 supera testes Suecos

O Sentury Landsail Qirin 990 obteve resultados bantantes satisfatórios no teste anual para pneus de Verão realizado pelo conceituado jornal escandinavo Vi Bilägare e pelo jornal sueco Aftonbladet. No teste geral de pneus da Vi Bilägare, o Qirin 990 destacou-se entre os vários concorrentes do segmento Premium, como o Continental Premium Contact 6, o Goodyear […]

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Incorrect tyre pressure in 64% of passenger cars

In 2020, 64 percent of passenger cars were driving with at least one car tyre under-inflated. This is evident from a study of tyre pressure by the engineering firm M+P. In 2019, this was still 47 percent. Measurements The engineering firm carries out the measurements on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, […]

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